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Titan- A Leader in Rhenium Production

Titan International

Titan is the leading producer of recycled Rhenium metal products ("Re") in North America. Titan has developed unique and proprietary manufacturing processes that enable Titan to produce Pure Rhenium metal ("Re") and Ammonium Perrhenate ("APR") products. Titan's Re pellets, Catalyst Grade APR and specialty Re powders have been used in the most demanding industries by the world's most quality-conscious manufacturers. Contact Titan today about Rhenium.

Toll Processing Services

Titan has several successful models for recycling including grading of super alloy scrap and rhenium reclaim. Clients that consume Re products in combination with toll processing services are able to increase material value from the byproducts and lower overall material cost. Titan can also recover Pt and valuable constituent metals that may be present in significant quantities and return either metal or cash.

Ammonium Perrhenate (APR) and Perrhenic Acid

Titan International

Titan’s APR is available in various grades depending on customer specs. For economical rhenium units, basic grade APR is available for further refining. For manufacture of catalyst or organometallic chemicals, Titan has refining processes to meet low residual specifications. Perrhenic acid is produced on demand in Titan’s wet chemistry lab. Let Titan quote your APR requirements today.

Rhenium Pellets

Titan International

Titan’s rhenium pellets are ideal for alloy melting. Standard packaging includes argon purge and vacuum packaging for storage in small increments. For melt shop agreements, Titan will package as requested, including private labels where appropriate. Protecting customer value is a Titan tradition which is how Titan arrived in the rhenium business around 2010. Ask us about Titan’s rhenium pellet story. Whether your application is land based turbines or high performance jet engines, Titan ensures high quality pellets with excellent melt recovery.

Rhenium Powder

Titan International

Titan’s rhenium powder production is engineered for PM – the powder metallurgy industry. Titan’s decades of experience with tungsten and molybdenum powders are a great background for rhenium metal powder. With in-house blending ability and custom sizing, Titan’s Re powder can create tremendous value for your application. Titan’s powder processing technology has delivered pure rhenium spherical powder as well as micron sizes for additive manufacturing and missile technology applications. Challenge Titan with a powder application today.

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