Titan Metals

Metal Recovery

Scrap Processing Expertise Using State of the Art Equipment and Techniques

Over the past 20 years, Titan International has developed a variety of sophisticated and highly effective metal recovery processes. We use state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary techniques to recover high-value constituent metals from a variety of scrap sources, including aviation industry superalloy scrap, foundry scrap, manufacturing scrap, spent targets and other similar scrap sources, and attain the highest possible economic value for customers' scrap streams.

Rhenium Metal ("Re") and Ammonium Perrhenate ("APR") Products

Titan International

Titan is the leading producer of recycled Rhenium ("Re") metal products in North America. Titan's has developed unique and proprietary manufacturing processes that enable Titan to produce the world's finest and most pure Re Metal ("Re") and Ammonium Perrhenate ("APR") products. Titan's Re pellets, APR and related specialty Re powders and other products have been approved for use in the most demanding industries and by the world's most quality-conscious manufacturers.

Superalloy Scrap Purchase and Recycling

Titan International

Titan often directly purchase scrap streams generated by our clients. We can provide our clients with the highest value for their superalloy scrap streams. Titan can purchase from you and recycle Re-bearing and other superalloy scrap streams, including solids, grindings, spent superalloy aviation scrap, swarfs, spills and other foundry scrap. Titan's unique and proprietary processes enable Titan to provide our clients with the highest possible value for their scrap streams.

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Toll Processing Services

Titan can also provide our clients who possess superalloy scrap and who also consume Re products with toll processing services, whereby Titan would recover valuable constituent metals and return these metals to our clients for re-use in their production processes.