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Titan International, Inc. is a leading supplier of quality products to the plating and metal finishing industries. In addition to a wide variety of anodes, metals and chemicals, we offer product consulting and marketing assistance with the capabilities of meeting specialty product requirements.

Serving the metal finishing industry since 1990, Titan has developed global alignments with many of the largest manufacturers of anodes, metals, and chemicals. These invaluable relationships allow us to bring cost savings and the highest quality products to our customers from worldwide resources. We supply product to both distributors and end users with unsurpassed personalized customer service.

Through our partnerships with a wide base of international suppliers, Titan International, Inc. is able to provide our customers with a broad chemical and metal product line including, but not limited to, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Lead, Silver, Cadmium and Zinc. We also offer industry-leading S-Rounds, R-Rounds and D Crowns, cobalt anodes, customized nuggets and balls, and phosphorized and oxygen-free anodes, among many others.

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Metal Finishing

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